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Are you there?

I don’t know how you accessed this page, but if you’re reading this, you are one of us– you survived. This page is not a remnant from the world we used to know. It's not a lifeless reflection of a world that hasn’t existed in months. It is a current site, built over the last several weeks and updated daily, and it’s sole purpose is to record the name, location and current status of each and every survivor we can find.

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So this is whats left of LDJ.

I remember a few years ago, much more active. There was corubicon, Boone and the psychotic little girl t3hpirates.

What happened? Did the webmaster forget? This code is a mess, the last post over a year ago. I'm surprised the one-time login still works.

One year, thirty one weeks of silence. The old ones gone, forgotten by the new, or the new just simply ignorant. Can't blame them, only one post of mine is left, the audio and pictures gone.

Well Kevin, I guess this is the final signoff.


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Your ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!

My God we thought you were killed in the round up of the confederate troops ? Not hardly sir the PSA moved so fast to exterminate us , that they missed a lot of us .
Sam and I sat there listening to the story when he stepped forward and handed me something . I put the item closer to the lantern to inspect it and when the identity hit my mind and eye , I drop it and jumped up staring at it . "Andy you okay ? "
"No its not possible ! "
Sam bent down and picked up a small dolphin pendent and looked at it .
"Andy isn't this Stacey's ? "

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What the Hell ?

As Sam and I entered the room upstairs we were greeted by some old friends .
"Sir been a long time ."
Sam just stared at me then at them . "My God we thought you were dead ! "

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I don't know how to feel right now trapped in this room. It feels like it's closing in and the funny part is am not scared of closed spaces. It's been days since I have seen anyone yet alone the sun or the moon. How am i suppose to feel when everyone I have known so far is gone? Seen then get left behind or turned or worse killed by another human for some food. How am I the only one in this room right now? The screams of people outside asking for help makes it worth saving them but not messing up the room i have since no one knows am here. If anyone reads this whats the word on the outside?

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Report Card: Anyone out there?

Anyone out there? I’m leaving the hideout in the next couple of days, if there is anyone out there in need of help (ahemShoahem) I will gladly offer my assistance. I have a lot to tell, but I’m not sure where to start. For one I’m now alone, Mr. Chairman decided to join his ancestors after a battle with the infection (I should have killed those two assholes when I had the chance…), and I must admit I was depressed for the longest time. I wonder where the Priest and David have gone to; I wonder where Sho is and if Pappa is still mad at me.

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That did not go well.

Over a year. I have been slowly working my way east, getting screwed over; then working my way back. I now have a shotgun, no more pistol, and alot more to keep me up at night. Plywood Pony?

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Im still here

yeah im still here. i dont know if anyone else is but it is what it is right?

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Is there no one out there??????????????? I am starting to think that I am alone in the word. No posting did they all get taken over? I hope not or maybe it is time that I just give up and join the land of the dead like the rest of the world. Like I could just do that. The fighter in me would never let me just give up and die like that. Hunting today wish me luck.

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Gone .Gone

I sit here all cried out. My family is gone everyone no clue were they are or if they are even alive. Looks like the place has been looted. TV bused out the family pics torn up and just.. OMG I am what can I say just how bad this is. But like others before me I will survive this if nothing else I will live on and kill. Never saw myself as a killer before but seems all I do now. Run.. hide.. kill when I have to and that seems like so much of my time now days. I am going to scout a few places here in town see what I can pick up and use. Then?

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