Sketch of the stadium

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Sketch of the stadium

Have only a second before I have to shut the generator off that's powering these computers - Broke into the Kinkos on Roy and Broadway and discovered a portable generator in a motor home that had crashed into the aparment building next door, but it seems a little light, so I think it'd be best if I try to save some energy just in case.

Not sure exactly how long I've been gone from the stadium now, but I think it's best to post to the group instead of the general public in case Stephen or one of his goons has found this site.

Here's a quick sketch of the stadium and how people are situated within it, but I'm not sure if this is still current. I spent most of my time in the medical area. The crops are all being irrigated by the river which hasn't been brackish in months since the locks are all shut solid.

Anyway, I better shut this off now - going to try for the ocean anyday now. I've been seeing some sails out there from the rooftops and I'm going to try to make contact. There's something I'm eventually going to need to talk to somebody about regarding how I've been able to make it from place to place, but I'll have to get into that later - not really able to make sense of it at the moment. I'm determined to come up with some kind of logical explanation for it first, but anyway ...

One other thing, didn't have time to check out what anybody else has been writing since I left the stadium, but if anybody has been trying to contact me feel free to publicly let them know I am alive and well, but please PLEASE don't be specific about my location - I'm still only a few blocks away from the stadium and Stephen would happily kill me if he found me.

Thanks and God Bless,


Stay safe

You can make it. i know some people have lost it as a cop i saw some things that i cannot talk about either, so remember you can make it. Good luck.

Best of luck

You are among friends now. Thank you for sharing a piece of your situation right now. We hope things will get better for you as you make your way to the ocean.