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Thanks to another survivor called Kevin Phillips. He and his wife Pam have taken it upon themselves to get up this web-site (www.lastdaysjournal.com)

This is a OOC (out of character) blog that we can use to coordinate blogs, story lines and discus "collaborative works"

So if you are new to the board and just want a place to say "hello, I'm alive here in (fill in the blank) them feel free to join and start "joint posting" or start a dialog with another survivor.

View Check out the Lastdays journal writer's map in a larger map and if you are interested in making some "joint posts" or some collaborative writing, just send me a email.

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Im doing great, i really am. I have now an m4, EO tech sites. I have about 300 rounds for it... also i have a glock with tac lights. With about 200 rounds hollow points. I geuss finding a dead soilder can help. I didnt leave him there... he helped me so i baried him on top of the Hill. I put his helemt on him and left him his secondary weapon in his hand with a full mag. I couldnt barry him with no weapon, he would need it for his next journy. Im in a watch out tower next to the michigan lake. ITs made out of cament and is like a bunker. Nice big steal door, one of thoes pear lookout things.

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Its my b-day today

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Alone, very very alone. I lost both my freinds today...... I got away but I don't no for sure what to do.....I feel as If it is my fault..... Can someone help..I kneed somewere to go. If you need a hand or can use another person. Comment my blog and let me know how to find you. Or you can find me... I have little ammo to my 1911 and I'm away from the lake... HELP!!!!!

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Hello again, survivors.

I have expended the last few days, as I told you in my last post, researching. About this thing that's happening to us who are still alive. The apocalypse, the end of civilization, however you want to call it.

I've found a lot of information regarding the past, present and possible future of South America. It's all there on the internet. It's just really hard to find because of the censorship, you get scraps of information here and there.

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Useful info

Guys, I've been expending my time, believe ir or not, researching about this event, and playing stupid zombies videogames and reading zombie comics. Why to waste my time like that? Because playing videogames will only make me feel like it's not real when I come out. I know, doesn't sound too credible, but it's just because I'm saying it plain simple.

Still, my research has come up with a lot of material. Seems like gobernments have some way censored mostly all webs discussing the topic of the catastrophe, and still do. That tells me two things:

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I'll continue to tell you about my desperate situation. Please fell free to tell me ANYTHING.


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Winter wonder land

Confed force had their asses handed to them and their command to thier troops that everything was fine, but it wasn’t. Command & control was quickly breaking down for the yellow side as the PSA termed the Confeds.

A mesage was sent to Deyhra that now was the time and that Pappa Doc had hoped that she would be ready for the next step. Deyhra was going to appointed as a counselor in a military trial.

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CSA - Yellow, FEDS - Grey & PSA - Red

CSA - Yellow, FEDS - Grey & PSA - Red

CSA - Yellow, FEDS - Grey & PSA - Red

the states are colored to who has control of what state.

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Fly the friendly PSA skies

By the end of the next two months the CSA was hurting.

CSA - ID, WY (Isolated)
CSA- KY,TN &SC (Isolated)
CSA-FLA (Isolated)

Nat Gov - NY, CT. RI, MS, MA, NH, PA, MD, DC, AK, IL, IN, NC, OH, NJ, Ak and maine even

all the rest were in PSA's control as well as all the WMD thanks to the N.E.S.T. and NRO's Satillites that have been tracking all CBNR assest from the begining. Everything was accounted for and triple checked by the 55D ADM Engineers.

The only people that are qualifite to handle nukes.

" Message to net - All Arrows accounted for, out. "

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FRAGO & WARNING ORDER issued to all PSA units

Some people do some stupid thing because.... well because they don’t know better than to mess with others that don’t play as nicely as thought that they would.

After a coded burst message came to pappa’s group just hours after his groups first attack.

“ Jesus, Chief... you’re not going to like this one” number 3 the radio operator explained to Pappa.

“ What’s going on? “

“ Trouble back at bartertown, chief. Andy’s up to staging an attack. We got C1 information“

“ What have the others done?”

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Ms. Sho and the squad of soliders arrived at the Wyoming nomadic groups camp at dawn. She approached the leader, Leon Miller, an U.S. Marine vet who became a high school history teacher upon his discharge. they proceeded to hold their meeting in his trailer accompanied by Thomas West and Sandra Miller. Both of whom were once office workers, but turned out to have a uncanny knack for fire arms.

"So, what is your main concern about this alliance?"

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retaking the fort

Ms. Sho waited until her name was called to be looked at by a doctor. One of the soldier's escorted her to the office where she would get a sling and possibly stitches if needed. Neither of them made conversation, an uncomfortable silence reeking from the both of them.

Once in the doctors office Ms. Sho was surprised to see that Pappa Doc would not be seeing her today, another young solider sat in the office. The awkward silence shifted to a uncomfortably quiet medical exam.

After being given a full medical exam and a sling for her arm, Ms. Sho broke the silence.

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Night Time Rally point on the rails

Unbeknown to the different group Pappa Doc was watching everything on a CCTV inside his Warroom aboard his train that was currently leaving a tunnel near Bakersfield, Ca.

Pappa had droppped off Deyhra, David, Mr Tucker and the Priest Luca to see what was going on with farms, animals in the area. The New bread basket of the U.S. was in California and Pappa Doc wasn’t going to let anyone get this resource without a fight.

Pappa’s hand weight heavy as he sat is his chair as if he could do much to change the situation.

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Haters are going to HATE!

Haters are going to HATE!

Spammers BEWARE TEAM LDJ is waiting for you!
Hey guys be the first on your block to have this OFFICIAL LDJ Badge awarded to your truely. To get your start... weed out the SPAMMERS and earn your badge too!

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WE are back up and working!

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The group including Pappa Doc was placed into the isolation railcar. “ 24 hours with you guys... it will pass quickly. “ he informed them, Looking around the car the guest has access to most amenities. need some ideas to complain about

Deyrha looked around the cart, and suddenly turned to Doc; “This place is too small.”
“Who are you the little bear?”
“I haven’t tried the chairs but i’m betting it’s too hard.”
“Deyhra please,” Said David annoyed.
“What? I can’t hide the truth with a finger.”

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Pappa's Bottle

Pappa's Bottle

Pappa Doc' bottle

DON'T Touch!!

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Welcome to Florida

The train closed to a stop as the bridge was secured by the train’s defense forces. Radio communication was established within minutes after clearing the bridge of random dead. The bridge was raised withing minutes.

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Fire net activation

Alamo—Controlling station
Desert 1 to desert 5 inclusive—subordinate stations
"Wildfire"—net call sign

Alamo with message for whole net (group) transmits
" Wildfire—This is Alamo —Now past starting point—follow me—Over."

STATIONS reply in turn:

This is Desert One—Wilco—Out.
This is Desert Two—Wilco—Out.
This is Desert Three—Say again—Over.
This is Desert Four—Wilco—Out.
This is Desert Five—Wilco—Out.

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NCS (Net Control Station) Alamo

Pappa Doc moved to the secured nerve center that was inside the train station that was located inside Iron Horse.

After using his magnetic key to gain access he entered his War room. Flipping switches and grabbing his CVC he spoke into the headset mike.

"Alamo, this Iron Horse Six Actual, over"

"Iron Horse Six Actual, Alamo Six Romeo, send your traffic, over"

" Alamo Six Romeo, I need eyes in the sky quick, fast and in a hurry, looks like he are have company for dinner and I don't like whats on the menu, over. "

"Iron Horse Six Actual, Copy clear, out".

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Which way did he go?

The LDJ survivors sat at a table to disscuss what everyone moves where going to be.

Pappa Doc address the others that were present and seated.

" I'm leaving this FOB- Iron horse to the civilian survivors like yourselves and creating a new FOB-IronHorse at the Barstow Classification Yard. So what this means is that you are welcome to stay, go or pretty much do whatever you want after my group leaves. "

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Welcome wagon - Joint post

A trooper escourt the bewildered woman called “Sho” to the medical exam room where Pappa Doc was waiting with another ACU clad woman that was holding a metal tray.

“ Specialist Davis, This is Ms Sho... I’ll need you to stand by as my rider. “ Pappa explained to the trooper.

“ Yes Chief. “ Specialist Davis replied as she placed the metal tray down on the desktop. “Will she be needing a full medical work up as well, Chief?. “

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FOB Iron Horse (Yermo MCLB) Marine Corps Logistics Base - Yermo, Ca

So many people were finally coming to see Old Pappa Doc.

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OOC pages

I would like to get everyone on the same page here. Please join our out of character topics and comments page.

link enclosed below


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Blood soaked floors

As Stacey and I check car after car they are just over flowing with them. The wooden floors of the rail cars are drenched red with blood. What make this so ... I have no words.
Their hands have been bowned behinde them! Walkers some, but most are not! Why? We cracked open another car and just stared at a whole rail car loaded with crates of brand new rifles, ammo, box's and box's of MRE'S. WTF is going on?

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November 1st, 2011 Drawing plans for Disposal of the bodies at St. Teresa.

November 1st, 2011
Drawing plans for Disposal of the bodies at St. Teresa.

Securing the electrical step down units, securing the aqua duct like Patton did during W.W.II in 1942.

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November 2nd, 2011 Marshal Law is declared.

November 2nd, 2011

Marshal Law is declared.

Movement only during daylight hours, no groups larger than 5 can travel together as a
group (including children) unless group has documents from CDCR. All
California state pens Level 2 and higher, destroy all prisoners, post title 15 in here (edit).

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Sept 01, 2011 Life support Area (LSA) "Hotel California" - Green Zone

Sept 01, 2011
Life support Area (LSA) "Hotel California" - Green Zone
Somewhere in the Death Valley

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August 01, 2011 Team reinforcement - NEW missions - "WildFyre" and operation "Dead Sweep"

August 01, 2011

AOB - Alamo 82% completed
FOB - Desert Rats - goes down to skeleton crew
FOB - Iron Horse - goes down to skeleton crew (Company in the defense)

Team reinforcement - NEW mission - "WildFyre" and operation "Dead Sweep"

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July 17th, 2011 AOB (ALAMO) Phase IV

July 17th, 2011
63% complete.
Division HQ & HS, Bravo Company assigned with Alamo, 528th Special Operations Support Battalion (SOSB) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

completion of F.O.B. "Iron horse"
Alpha Company and H&HS elements assigned to F.O.B. Iron Horse

completion of F.O.B. "Desert Rats"
Charlie Company

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July 1st, 2011 All units called to MOPP Level 2

July 1st, 2011
All units called to MOPP Level 2

Mission changes for the Group and a better understanding of what might be possible a new enemy. Rumors fly within the camp (mostly in the leg units). We are no longer worried about riots at the humanity camps.

Intel, CAG, Psych Ops Detachments are deployed.

Press / News is suppressed, camera views edited, digital photos are edited.

Various Special Forces units are sent to harassment and intimidation the News rooms and editors that do not comply with the presidential gag order (Black out news)

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Train living quarters

Train living quarters

Pappa Doc's Living quarters. Please note that the bottom half is welded with 2" inch steel plates to stop small arms fire.

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Railway Maintenance Vehicle

Railway Maintenance Vehicle

Rail recon vehicle

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then there were two

With Stacey's sister dead there is just 2 of us left. An I have no idea of where to go or how to handle her?
She needs to be with a family not a police officer who flies a pby around the country looking for trouble. She deserves some sort of normal life. She needs to be safe . She dose not need to be with a person who has saw what I have seen. Help please I do not want her to be hurt in any way,

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June 2nd, 2011 AOB (Alamo’s Foundation) is laid

June 2nd, 2011

AOB (Alamo’s Foundation) is laid
5 Miles from this point is the “Hot refueling point” to the South East. (Give a description later) 2 storage buildings added 150 170 42 months before complete

Steel Structures are created, Vehicles are lifted in during the night. Construction goes on 24/7, work by portable lights, Defenses are beginning to be re-enforced.
Gun pits for 8" S.P. Guns, 109 S.P.Guns at hot refuel point, concrete mortar pits for the following: 4.2mm, 81mm and 60mm. Cold storage added, added modular connex accommodations

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June 1st, 2011 Phase III AOB (Advance Operations Base; code named "Alamo")

June 1st, 2011 Phase III
AOB (Alamo) concrete is laid, steel structure created, vehicles lifted in during the night. Construction goes 24/7, work by portable lights , defenses reinforced ( Gun Pits for the old 8” guns, the 109 Self propelled Gun, concrete mortar pits 4.2mm, 81mm and the light fighter’s 60mm mortar and cold storage unit was added during the month as well as modular conned living accommodations.

FOB (Delta Romeo) runs operations (supporting St. Theresa through CAG & Medical detachments)

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May 4th, 2011 “Iron Horse” – Barstow, Ca – Rail Yard – 0612 hours Zulu time

May 4th, 2011
“Iron Horse” – Barstow, Ca – Rail Yard – 0612 hours Zulu time

During Phase 2
Connex boxes that were double stacked with lights, sentry post (cold & lonely) on the top at either end of the Connex box with a ladder to provide a means of access. These were placed with excellent fields of fire. The “k” shaped concrete barricades that outline the outside perimeter are now complete.

757th Transportation Battalion
1205 transportation railway operation BN

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April 1st, 2011

April 1st, 2011
Camp Cooke - Ft. A.P.Hill, Va - Team house - 2145 hours Zulu time

The F.B.I. came to question us about all of the groups wives disappearing to no avail. Funny tid bit in the news today about a man stealing money out of a bank by the use of a squirt bottle that supposedly contained super flu infected blood, *scoffes*

It's been two weeks since we "jumped" into F.T. Irwin, Ca. The 18 Charlie's (Engineers) have been tasked to assist with the creation of the S.F.O.B. (Special Forces Operational Base) called the "Desert Rats".

Delta Romeos inside the Delta corridor

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April 1st, 2011

April 1st, 2011
“Desert Rats” – Barstow, Ca – Delta Corridor – 0632 hours Zulu time

Within less than two hours a TOC ( Tactical Operation Center ) was established, Commos was established via satellite as soon as the 18 Echos ( Commo Sgts )were able to PLF. A AN/MRC-138 antenna was established within 12 Hours, All Groups had made “coms” and had “checked in”.

Base security was established by the 18 bang bangs (18B) (Weapons Sgts) within 5 minutes of PLF (Parachute Landing Fall).
18C (Charlies) The engineers had Basic facilities up and running within 24 hours.

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April 1st, 2011

April 1st, 2011
“Iron Horse” – Barstow, Ca – Rail Yard – 0612 hours Zulu time

During Phase 1
Connex boxes that were double stacked with lights, sentry post (cold & lonely) on the top at either end of the connex box with a ladder to provide a means of access. These were placed with excellent fields of fire. The “k” shaped concrete barricades that outline the outside perimeter.

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March 28th, 2011

March 28th, 2011

Camp Cooke - Ft. A. P. Hill, VA - 0847 hours Zulu time

I received a coded message from Kelly that the team wives are safe and that they were in place. I was to watch the news for a press release soon.

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edit this as well

The rest of the S.F. Division jumped (Deployed) to the hot sands of Ft. Irwin and the "delta corridor" for Live fire Exercises with Group. All H&HS units jumped into the LZ "Sandbox" (somewhere near the mid point of Ca / NV. H&HS groups tasked with setting up the A.O.B. and Two F.O.B (forward Operational bases) one at Ft. Irwin, Ca and the other was Barstow's Rail yard

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Edit this

Got on the satellite phone phone with the Signal officer Dale Edinger, just to chat and to see what is up with Kelly his wife and the kids before I get appointed to the S.F.O.B. "Alamo" as the XO. and set up the base starting as a A.O.B. (Advance Operations Base) in Nevada's most wonderful desert. Dale and I chatted for a bit but then he acted strange.

"He told me that kelly has a friend and hopes that her friend was good as a Friend to her as I was to him. "


Tapping noise in the background

" Everything will workout Dale, Nice talking to you.." I spoke.

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March 10th, 2011

March 10th, 2011

1st S.F. Division, 11th Group (ABN) has now activated all subordinate units attached under presidential orders, sent to Ft. Irwin, CA.

People are going Ape-shit over these " free lunch" passports.

got on the "horn" / Pipeline that 1/11th Signal Det boys are intercepting some really "fucked up message traffic". Division's Old Man said it was done for our benefit to scare us off the project. Nothing to worry about, but use caution as always when dealing with the eggheads.

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March 01, 2011

March 01, 2011
Ft. Detrick MD

The Flu came with malaise and soon supplies were coming less often, but the time (the end of April), just before the first arrivals with Passports came into play.

During this time 1/11th S.F.G. (ABN) signal det (Detachment) & ODA 1305's assignment was to escort , guard and detain any medical personnel trying to leave Ft. Detrick, Md. Authorized use of deadly force was in place and all were warned.

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