July 1st, 2011 All units called to MOPP Level 2

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July 1st, 2011
All units called to MOPP Level 2

Mission changes for the Group and a better understanding of what might be possible a new enemy. Rumors fly within the camp (mostly in the leg units). We are no longer worried about riots at the humanity camps.

Intel, CAG, Psych Ops Detachments are deployed.

Press / News is suppressed, camera views edited, digital photos are edited.

Various Special Forces units are sent to harassment and intimidation the News rooms and editors that do not comply with the presidential gag order (Black out news)

Special forces unit would sabotage equipment, “rough up” people not to return to their work.

Navy, Marine Corps, Army Nevada Reserve Center ships out the final groups

S.F - all of Signal Det, with egg head equipment and ODA-1307 Returned from Ft. Detrick, M.D. with select scientist with the MOS 01H, medical personnel, other egg head scientist and then their were housed at the Federal Prison in Victorville.

(The whole prison was transformed into a secured level three / almost level four viral laboratory )

Plans were drawn up for the disposal of the bodies (dead not undead) at the camp St. Teresa, plan were also drawn up to securing an electrical substations with a dedicated lines to XXXXX. A watering pump station just like Patton during the pre-war of world war II.

Marshal Law is in Effect – movement only during daylight hours, no more than groups of five are allowed and that includes children. Five can travel as a group… No questions are asked, shoot to kill order are in effect during the night ( this would be like during the 9/11 attack)

The 8th & “I” Marines at the nations capital barracks are sent to restore order near the capital building during the fire of D.C.

Zombie Virus Revealed (killing V); various incidents with random shootings.