Improvised Handgun

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Improvised Handgun

Wooden Handgun. I'm honestly afraid to be NEAR it. This thing is just asking to explode. However, the safety actually seems to work, so I'm impressed.


If they are able to create their own weapons

Then we have our work cut out for us.

It's not this that worries me.

It's the fact that they're digging up what they are. Who knows what else they might manage to pull out of some mothballed armory. If they can figure out how to build firearms, and operate tanks with Russian instruments, then they must have some brains behind them. This is very worrying.
Do you know how easy it is for some kids in a lab to whip up some anthrax, provided they have the knowledge? Do you know how quickly a few idiotic High School kids can make chlorine gas as a prank? This is very bad. Knowledge, in a world at war, without sanctions, is perhaps more dangerous than a few primative firearms and old tanks in the hands of a couple racists.

*Shakes head*

We need back up. Do you think their maybe other colonies out there like this?
do you have a rough idea of how many of them there are on each side?

I really don't know.

Inteligence reports vary between hundreds and thousands. Some suggest that both DC and New Orleans are both still secure, others that their forces are more spread out than I believe. Honestly, I don't know. I do have an idea. If Dwight was in, we could get him to fly a nighttime raid over an area occupied by one side or the other. I don't think they could shoot him down. Modern AA rockets rely on the common heat signature of jet engines. His PBY is an old model, and the way the engines are set up, I don't think that the the rockets could get a proper track on his plane. He could fly in, and drop pamphlets for the site over the occupied zones. Maybe someone would be able to get on, and give us some intel from the inside.

worked with 16S

They can still be hit by FM stingers

I like the idea but...

but if they are using dinosaur weapons... Could they have some type of weapon that doesn't rely on modern aa's?


But if it's a night raid, those primative models won't work, as they rely on actually seeing your target. As long as the raid is made at night, he should be able to pull it off rather safely. He'd just have to extinguish all of his lights before he made the run.

Is there a way that

we can help him so he's not flying blind?


We could likely guide him with a shortwave beacon. But honestly, He's a trained pilot. He wouldn't really need our help. Pilots are trained to fly with nothing but instruments. We could probably scavenge up some NVG's too.