Scavenging test run #1 report. 1/20

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Scenario: Medium sized grocery store, with lone zombies (Cardboard cutout's) placed sporadically through out the store. The test ran for one hour and thirty minutes. The group must keep twenty people feed for a week and gather enough sanitary means for a month. Out of the twenty people there is one pregnant female and three children.
Goal(s): 1. Find enough canned food to feed twenty people for one week.
2. Find the delivery slip and learn any useful information from it. I.e. Any storage warehouses located nearby
and the last delivery with any possibility of a full truck nearby.
3. Collect enough soap and toilet paper to last 20 people a month.
Results: Finn and Jerry paired up to complete goal number one while Karrie and George paired up to complete goal number three. It was decided that which ever team finished first would begin goal number two.
Jerry figured with one can per day would be enough to feed 20 people for a week, Finn argued with him over the proper quantity being more then that, factoring in the pregnant woman and children, as well as the calorie intake needed to keep the group from starving. Jerry argued some more but eventually gave up.
Karrie and George decided that 60 rolls of toilet paper and 20 bars of soap would be more then enough to keep the group clean, as well Karrie added in eight containers of bleach and eight containers of laundry detergent.

As Jerry and Finn entered the store they headed to the canned food aisle where they were met by 3 zombies. The duo quickly took out the zombies and proceeded to collect their goods. Karrie and George headed toward the cleaning aisle, with no zombie confrontation. When George and Karrie split up (George headed to the next aisle over)
George ended up running into, literally ran into the cut out, a zombie. George had dropped his weapon when he collided with the zombie cutout and I had to take him out of the test run. He argued with me but finally followed me to the side lines. Karrie proceeded with the run on her own and was unable to collect all the items needed to supply the entire group.

Finna and Jerry completed their gathering and proceeded to the office where they were meet by four more zombies. The quickly took all four out and made their way into the office. They found the slip and found that there was storage facility two counties over.

Given the results of this test I will have George work on his aim and have him practice clearing out rooms by himself until he is up to par with everyone else. When he has I will set up a second test, which will either consist of clearing out a mini strip mall or a large super store like Costco or Walmart.


Hell of a test

Nice job.