Im still here

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yeah im still here. i dont know if anyone else is but it is what it is right? went months hoping and praying that i would find survivors and when i did they were completely fucking mental. i took people in and all hell broke loose. some dude his old lady and their two kids and a younger couple. shit was fine for the few first weeks but supplies ran low and instead of working together we all fell apart. it started with accusations of others eating more then their fair share of food or drinking too much water...there would have been plenty to fucking go around if we would have worked together.but shit got real bad and human nature showed its ugly face. at first it was just yelling then someone pulled a knife stabbed the other who in turn produced a firearm and shot his attacker. gunfire ensued. i grabbed the kids and got the fuck out of there.smoke settles 2 dead 1 mortally wounded. the kids mother survived( thank fucking god. how am i going to look after 2 kids during the zombie apocalypse?) grabbed her kids and bounced i didnt even see what direction they went. the young girl was shot in the chest and lost blood fast i did what i could for ,held her told her she woud be fine. when she passed i made sure she wouldnt turn. i packed what i could in my truck and left the rest for the next poor soul. now im on the road with nowhere to go. god i need a fucking cigarette. maybe ill go to denver...theyve got weed dispenseries...Right?


People are alive !

But stay away from New Georgia something wrong here . Sam and I can't seem to put our finger on it . I know that that past events have been bad , but just keep moving . Good Luck and God speed

headed west

think ill lone wolf it for a while and head west id like to see the pacific one last time. good luck to you stay safe and stay alive.