That did not go well.

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Over a year. I have been slowly working my way east, getting screwed over; then working my way back. I now have a shotgun, no more pistol, and alot more to keep me up at night. Plywood Pony? Yeah, kinda set it up as a trap when I left. Turns out the trap worked, or I think it did. Mainly because the whole place looks like a cratered mess that someone decided to drop half used firewood all over. That left me with nowhere to go, with the crap I had on me. My old uplink isn't strong enough to grab a signal now a days (bet some of those falling stars weren't rocks, but some sattelites dropping back by home) so I have had to try and rig up another form of uplink. As it is now, I'm in a brick building that's taken almost a month to fortify safe and sound. I'm bouncing a signal through the big dish on the neighbors roof for now (it's a church). More whenever I can.


falling sky

I think I seen some fragments of a fallen satellite, but didn't get to close, I don't know if they may be radiated or not, I think I heard there is radiation in space or something. I'm rambling sorry, just decided to stay clear of it.