Report Card: Anyone out there?

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Anyone out there? I’m leaving the hideout in the next couple of days, if there is anyone out there in need of help (ahemShoahem) I will gladly offer my assistance. I have a lot to tell, but I’m not sure where to start. For one I’m now alone, Mr. Chairman decided to join his ancestors after a battle with the infection (I should have killed those two assholes when I had the chance…), and I must admit I was depressed for the longest time. I wonder where the Priest and David have gone to; I wonder where Sho is and if Pappa is still mad at me.
No matter how hard I try is still think my beloved Tucker’s dead was my fault, if I had stayed home… Either way we would have been eaten alive. I need anyone to talk to me; is there someone out there? I’m considering heading towards an island, a small island and wait this thing out; but I don’t want to be alone.
David? Are you out there?


Q.Q.... Tucker????

Not the kitty Q.Q.... Not when I find him a playmate...

Yes Tucker...

Where have you been? are you alright?
Have you heard from Pappa?
I'm actually driving down the very unclean highway... those suckers keep appearing like Mormons on a sunny day, when all you want to do is drink Iced Tea and sunbathe...
Let me know where and how you are...

im stuck...

There's a really malnourished looking lion hanging out around the building, whose roof I am currently stuck on. I have one bullet and a ton of poptarts....
I named the lion lord Filipe van Wellington.


You need help?
Contact me and send me exact address, I might pop for a bit... bad pun sorry...
But I got some kitty litter and cat food that Lord Van Wellington might appreciate.

Hello Deyhra

I doubt you were ever expecting to hear from me again . After our failed rescue mission over seas Max and myself are in a small Town called New Georgia . We will be leaving in a day or two . Some old friends of mine met me up here and we will be heading towards "Last chance " to see if anybody's alive . Then we are going to "Iron Horse " Be very careful things are worse than ever . Good luck and Gods speed .


Actually I didn't expect to hear from you.
Is New Georgia clear? All I've found are undead and birds.

somewhat .

The women that runs New Georgia has hung hundreds of undead in a forest leading to the small town . My copilot and myself ran into a few survivors of papa Docs liquidation of the southern armies.
What happen to the PSA after the war ? I hear things went bad !
We are headed to our old base in the swamps of Carolina to see if anyone is alive the off to Iron Horse . Gods speed and watch your back .